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Rebuilt Cylinder Heads

For most popular applications King Cylinder Heads offers brand new high quality cylinder heads. These new cylinder  heads are improved castings that drastically reduce the likelihood of your problem reoccuring. Please check under "New Cylinder Heads" for your application.


If you do not see a listing for your vehicle under "New Cylinder Heads" then there is a good chance we offer a rebuilt cylinder head.


We do not rebuild cylinder heads when we offer a New Cylinder Head. A new cylinder head is a far better option than a rebuilt head because the cost is generally the same but the quality and longevity of a new head is far superior.


The quality of a new cylinder head is far superior than that of a rebuilt cylinder head because in most cases that rebuilt head was previously cracked/warped/overheated and then welded and repaired.


Our rebuilt cylinder heads carry a 1-year warranty and can ship out the same day in most cases.


Call 1-888-531-5464 for details.















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